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We Are A World Healing Organization

Program Goals

Some of our immediate goals are to establish a thought in your mind and a place in your heart. To help you see and understand how passionate we are in our efforts of creating such a powerful resource center. We would like to begin with the people of Flint, Michigan and the water crisis they continue to endure on such a heartbreaking level. Maria J Foundation would like to assist with the great help of so many of you, in making life a little less painful. How? Providing supplies, Water, Water filters, Stress relief options, etc. Consistent visits to ensure they always feel supported while dealing with such a life affecting crisis. In order to be effective, we need your help in any and every way possible. From donating space and/or time as a volunteer to resources and supplies, exposure (share, like, word of mouth), however, you can help us get off to a great start will better the chances for those in need of this foundation to receive the support they deserve.

A few of our short-term goals are to open our first resource center for office use as well as a drop off location for donors to bring goods, supplies, donations of any kind. With events in mind, this is a high priority. We want to provide more public trashcans in, inner-city neighborhoods in efforts of creating cleaner environments as we work to help rebuild communities. When you make things easily accessible you can create the environment you desire. Same tactics used to tear something down can be reversed for good. We want to prove that.

Our long-term goals are to develop programs such as “Positives Partner” for the influential guidance and support to our youth. We also want to offer financial literacy programs/or classes to the youth to better prepare them for a more prosperous financial future. This is just an idea of the overall world healing experience we strive to be a part of. Providing at least one “Maria J Wellness Center” in every State and/or Country, made available for promoting self-awareness of the body, along with possibly introducing new ways and healing methods to those who normally wouldn’t have the pleasure of experiencing due to lack of knowledge, funds and/or support. Offering Nutrition Courses, Massage, and Acupuncture treatments at a discounted rate, along with Meditation and Yoga training available for clear thinking practices and overall full-body wellness, Also, providing assistance with medical and financial support whenever possible. Our ultimate goal is to touch as many lives as possible in a positive and inspiring way to promote all forms of healing. We want to create such an overflow of positive energy that cannot be denied. We work to ensure the benevolence is a steady practice throughout the world.

Our Motto: Whatever It takes

Healing Begins with environmental improvements which lead to positive change

Systematic Issues

We want to provide support and help with the problems facing our society in a large-scale way. There are people who need help across the nation. An example. African Americans are being targeted and left without support and we want to help address that while providing support to the families who suffer. Gun violence is at an all-time high and the hardship, pain, and lack of proper care for those affected can lead to depression, anxiety, lack of motivation and so much more. Our focus is to provide an outlet to anyone dealing with the emotional and/or financial impact of these types of tragedies. So that they can receive the helping hand and healing needed to live a full life. Understanding that we are facing huge medical problems such as cancer, lupus, diabetes, and more! We want to stand in the fight against it all.

We are a world healing organization and we represent All People!

Intimate Issues

There is a whole multitude of issues on a smaller scale that can still leave a negative impact on the health of the community. Often times the Law enforcement officers/officials are not held properly accountable for the actions they take against civilians. There especially is a lack of support for inner-city neighborhoods, and tax paid funds are not distributed equally. These places are even in need of basic services such as more regular street cleanings, as well as more public trash cans. Starting small is still a start.

Shedding light on other important problems that challenge the health of our communities. We want to be there to stand against domestic abuse, and/or abuse of any kind, as well as providing support to those dealing with mental illnesses and depression.