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About Us

About The Founder

Connie Maria Jones (“Maria J”), is the Founder/President of Maria J Foundation for Wellness Support NFP – A World Healing Organization.

A mother and the Director of Alumni Services/HR Representative, at an Acupuncture and Massage school in Chicago, (Pacific College of Oriental Medicine) of which she received her Certificate for Massage and Asian Bodywork. In addition to being a graduate and a part of the administrative staff, she has also gained the experience of teaching some Thai Massage classes as well.

A strong believer in God and her faith, she is also naturally drawn to alternative ways of healing, Connie practices prayer, meditation, yoga, exercise (mental & physical), massage, and acupuncture. Whatever training and/or treatments available to achieve overall wellness. In her personal experiences, prayer and self-reliance have been the best healers.


Connie started this foundation because she feels there is a strong need for awareness and education, not only for the problems we face but for the options available for possible solutions. Making a difference in this world for her is a priority, as well as leaving a healing and positive mark behind that in hopes will circulate and continue for generations to come. At 37 years of age, Connie has seen and experienced all types of things that required both internal and external forms of healing.

From suffering a miscarriage with her first pregnancy to losing a companion to gun violence, an aunt to cancer, a niece to lupus, a cousin to a home invasion, and a brother to illnesses of the Body and Soul. Friends and family to the streets (although they may still be on earth-they are not well) and so on… Connie has also witnessed domestic abuse, different forms of misconduct, and verbal abuse to say the least.

Years of study and observation of all different forms of pain to be healed of her own, she understands she is not alone and there are so many that can benefit from the compound knowledge and togetherness this foundation can bring to so many in need. Appreciating the path God has placed before her, Connie is more than happy to be your helping hand!

We are a world healing organization and we represent All People!

We are not claiming to solve the world’s problems. We are aiding the world in working together to solve all problems! Let’s live and grow together, it isn’t too late.